What IF Abundance Meditation


Welcome to this Abundance Frequency Meditation using the Healy Frequency device that will help you to open up to all the possibilities available to you over the next 12 months.


If you are new to the Healy Frequency Device there is more information available here: www.fionafinn.com/Healy.


For this Abundance Frequency Meditation – We will use the Abundance Program on the Healy Frequency device to vibrate the energies of abundance into your world, and instead of focusing on what we want to clear, we’re going to ask ourselves, What If questions!


Oftentimes, we can get just overwhelmed and stressed, as we feel pressure to create when there is change required in our world, and oftentimes people have had such a bad experience with setting targets, that they avoided altogether, and even the thought of asking themselves questions can feel stressful.


Yet it is really important to set an intention for coming months, and to spend time reflecting and thinking about the possibilities. By doing this and being open to receiving the vibration of the Abundance Frequencies, you’ll find yourself in a calm and resourceful space, and it’s just incredible, the ideas and solutions, we find when we are in this space.