De-clutter Your Life – The Joy of Living

What if you could have more joy in your life? What if it can be as easy as de-cluttering the space you live in?

When you walk into your home how does it make you feel?

The word clutter can send most people into total overwhelm. And this overwhelm can be the reason many people don’t even get started in the first place. It’s too stressful and they don’t know where to start!

This is where many people expect me to start talking about checklists and even as I write this I would rather stand on my head than start filling out a checklist just now!!

Simplicity is key here. First let’s look at the effects of clutter in your life.

How does Clutter affect you?

It increases stress levels.

Clutter is a time-waster! At home and in the office how often have you spent hours of valuable time searching for missing information or items?

You feel stuck professionally, creatively, spiritually, and/ or romantically stuck.

Clutter in the kitchen can cause us to be disorganised with food and cooking and eating healthy. Clearing the clutter here will make space for ease with food choices and cooking.

Clutter in the bedroom can cause lack of sleep and intimacy. Clear the clutter and get a good night’s sleep or enjoy some special time with your partner.

Clutter in the living room can cause family discord as this is the area of the home we spend with our family.

These are just some examples of how clutter can affect our lives. I have so much more to share with you about decluttering and the joy of living!

The great news is that by just making a start you will notice the benefits very fast. A moment will come when you realize how much lighter and happier you feel. So for now I will leave you with one question to ponder:

What one area in your house can you declutter today that if you did would create the most ease for you in the next 3 months?

And Just Start!!